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Soucy for Akuoko escort wrote:
Help me...give me some advice....I need some see the review
Bachstr for Kangsan escort wrote:
A guy you know from work sort of flirts with you but has never taken you on a date. If he isn't willing to spend time with you & court you, he only wants sex from you & doesn't value you as a person or a colleague. see the review
Elaine for Sidratul escort wrote:
My best advice: get a new job. see the review
Arlen for Keturah escort wrote:
Have some self-respect! see the review
Arverni for Henna escort wrote:
No she is not a nice person, nice people don’t string others along just for the fun of it. see the review
Hogwood for Iskan escort wrote:
I ****ed up u guys now I can't stop thinking about her I ****ed up again not being in her life ****s with so hard idk I feel like I let her down see the review
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