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Trucken for Kangsan escort wrote:
now is a WW. see the review
Cinicolo for Sefate escort wrote:
Well, it is Sunday night and nary a word from the OP. I think this is a clue that her loving bf didn't react very well to the news that what he was taking out of her for the past half year was what another man was putting into her... see the review
Loro for Srinivas escort wrote:
Or maybe she didn't even tell him. see the review
Griet for Errolina escort wrote:
OP - how did your weekend go? see the review
Domine for Sinawbar escort wrote:
Could be. I would bet that if she did see him this weekend even if she didn't spill the beans that she may have been acting squirrelly enough that he may have an inkling that something is rotten in Denmark. see the review
Chimb for Jessica Mikaela escort wrote:
We cannot know how the BS will react to this OP. see the review
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