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Shinji for Kuzminichna escort wrote:
If the roles were reversed how would your gf feel about you spending a weekend with a married guy who invited two women who want to have sex along with you? I bet she wouldn't like it one bit. see the review
Flichter for Aseil escort wrote:
Something seems fishy with this... see the review
Russell for Chamathka escort wrote:
I had the same thought.....I feel this is all about the friend and her intentions of having a hookup, but wanted it to look like a girls vaycay. I bet if the villa thing came up before tickets were bought, the GF would have np saying no. Her friend duped her. see the review
Epoxide for Shafaa escort wrote:
Now I read Italianjob's comment above about Italian men being persistent about getting sex and I wish I didn't give her out to change her mind by saying I felt guilty about it. see the review
Bombings for Paulita escort wrote:
I commend you for taking action. Even if you don't feel like you did anything other than muddy the waters, you have demonstrated to your GF that there are potential dealbreakers in your relationship. see the review
Florinda for Chuleerat escort wrote:
BUT..and it's a big BUT... see the review
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