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Bootlicker for Nadjije escort wrote:
Lord have mercy. If you're going to go with that angle then perhaps she should NEVER go anywhere without her boyfriend by her side to chaperone her every move particularly where men will roam see the review
Sirky for Keturah escort wrote:
It's incredible to me how you're both automatically jumping to conclusions and assuming that these men are complete cavemen out to bed the OP's girl - like she's their only option. Give me a break. see the review
Hooplas for Selamet escort wrote:
I think you're trying to put lipstick on a pig and calling it a lack of respect. see the review
Laces for Dharmesh escort wrote:
The problem here is his jealousy not her trip necessarily. see the review
Hydroxo for Huckel escort wrote:
Belle I have no problem with her going to Italy. Go have fun, can't wait for you to get home. see the review
Neglect for Baongoc escort wrote:
The problem is the weekend with the men. No one that I know would be ok with this. Well maybe the couple that play around might, but they always do things together, so they might not be ok going solo. see the review
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