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Antenne for Zukaa escort wrote:
OP, I was in your boyfriend's shoes but found out years after we were married. I am more pissed that my W made MY life decisions for me while SHE got to make informed decisions about our relationship. You really don't care about your boyfriend and what he wants, just as my wife didn't. You really aren't keeping it from him because you don't want to hurt HIM, you are keeping it a secret to protect YOURSELF and avoid the consequences of your choice to cheat, just like my wife did. If you end up marrying him and he eventually finds out, he will question the foundation of your entire relationship, how many times you really cheated on him, how many lies you have told him, whether you are the person he thought you were, and on & on & on. What gives you the right to keep this from him when it could impact one of the biggest life decisions he will ever make? Your choice to cheat was bad but your decision to keep this from him is nothing short of cruel and selfish. see the review
Dorit for Yuan escort wrote:
Yes, this! see the review
Debs for Rasul escort wrote:
Originally Posted by tough love see the review
Cremate for Stella Tilde escort wrote:
OP, wouldn't you want to come clean and give him a chance to make and informed choice when it comes to a relationship with you? Maybe he will be willing to give you a second chance if you come clean, but the longer you wait, the more he will be resentful. Do you want him to be with you because he chooses to do so making an informed decision or do you want him to stay with you because you decided for him and tricked, lied or deceived him into staying with you or possibly feels stuck with you if he finds out years later when yu possibly have a family? Personally, I would want someone with me because they chose to be with me after making an informed decision. see the review
Gentlemanly for Kakaire escort wrote:
This is a good point. see the review
Flob for Prissahna escort wrote:
The act in and of itself is grounds for breaking up. You're only adding to that probability with each day you allow him to remain in the dark. see the review
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