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Murumuru for Monachichija escort wrote:
But I am a skeptical guy by nature and these items bug me: see the review
Kazuyuki for Kasandra30 escort wrote:
1. I asked when her friend was going to let her in on her plan that it was a romantic trip. My gf just said "good question" then started talking about something else. see the review
Wolford for Ts_Natasha escort wrote:
2. When my gf told me the work trip was a lie, my gf said her friend lied bc she asked my gf to go on trip when her H was in the room. That makes no sense to me. Why would her friend make arrangements for the trip with H around? see the review
Mariani for Tienyi escort wrote:
You are 1 argument away from it being back on in Technicolor. So just sit back and if there is any rope, she will eventually hang herself with it, don't lead her to the gallows, she can do that all on her own by her actions in the near future. see the review
Mugs for Unss escort wrote:
"Debatable at best"...says the Turd in the Punchbowl. see the review
Nuetzi for Prami escort wrote:
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